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New Project

Shanti has begun using a new platform for her art and is sharing

the healing power of Creativity. 


NFTs and Web3 are new technologies that are changing the game for artists and creators. 

The information here is intended to help anyone who is interested in learning more about what Art by Shanti is doing in this new area.

NFTs and Web3

NFTs are much more than just .jpegs being flipped for outrageous prices.  There is a lot more actual utility being built into these, creating opportunities for Artists to give back to those who support them by buying their artwork.

Web3, is the next iteration of the Internet.  Web2 is what we know the internet to be today, where it's all about taking your information to be resold.  Web3 changes the game.  Web3 is more about ownership, blockchain (tracking data, ownership, and more), and building Communities.

Art by Shanti is stepping into this new space. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 9.52.45 AM.png

Green Tara NFT Project

The Green Tara NFT is available for sale on OpenSea here.  This is Shanti’s first NFT project and will have special value to those that buy one and hold onto this NFT.


There are 100 total available. The first 10 are listed for 0.044 ETH (about $70 as of today. October 2022).  Once these 10 are gone the price will increase for the second 10 available (rewards for being the earliest supporters). 

What you get for holding a Green Tara NFT by Shanti:

  • First 10 sold will be eligible to win a Wolf Pup NFT (The Wolf Den has been an incredible resource for helping us navigate this new space.  Too much to explain here.  Check it out if you want.)

  • Holders will receive gifts of artwork (prints, original pieces, and other things that Shanti creates) sent randomly.  There will be a process for submitting a shipping address (if you choose).

  • Once all 100 sell out, something special will be given to all holders. 

Learn More About NFTs

To learn more about NFTs and how they are more than just digital versions of art check out these resources:


Forge Finance

Great resource for education about NFT’s and Web3 applications for businesses, artists, real estate, and other applications. 

Forge Marketplace

This is a new Marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain.  This Marketplace will evolve into something like what OpenSea is on the Ethereum Network.  These initial NFT’s are 1 of 1’s (meaning they represent a unique Asset) and the holder can claim the original piece of artwork.

Art by Shanti 
1 of 1 NFTs on Forge Marketplace

Art by Shanti.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-11-05 at 4.04.51 PM.png

Ways to Support Shanti


Genius Recovery and Artists For Addicts

A big part of Shanti’s Story is her recovery and use of her art and creativity as a healing force.  She is celebrating 24 years of Sobriety and felt called to donate to an amazing cause.  Shanti wants to share the amazing gift that creativity has had in her own recovery.      

For more information about Genius Recovery and Artists for Addicts visit these sites

“The Bridge”

The Bridge depicts an alternate universe where metatrons cube acts to balance the spiritual path.  We all have lessons here.  One of my biggest has been my addictions and journey in sobriety, teaching me to find balance.  Body, Mind, and Spirit.  The crows remind me to have faith.  The whale shows me that anything is possible and the wolf represents the deep knowing within each of us.  The wolf leads the way down the path, it keeps moving forward to the next right thing.

The Bridge.jpeg



We accept payments in crypto (NowPayments).  

Receive a discount to when paying with Guard token.

Wolf Den Wolf Pup NFT holders receive 10% off.

Still have questions about NFTs?  Contact us at:

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